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How to get your data...


What the data export looks like...

The download is a .zip file that includes many folders and files as illustrated below. Most people are focused on the file WOWSL_Ship_Statistics_by_Type.csv which is found under the Player_statistics folder:


How to open and format the data...

The export files are in a generic .csv file format and the data is semicolon delimited.

  • Excel - Open with Excel (Windows, MAC or Any Web Browser using O365):
    • Right-click the .csv file and click [Open With...], choose [Excel]
    • Click Column A to highlight the column
    • Click [Data] on the Excel main menu; on the ribbon, click [Text to Column] to open the convert wizard
    • Convert Wizard Step 1, Select the [Delimited] radio button, click [Next]
    • Convert Wizard Step 2, Unselect all checkboxes, Select the Checkbox for [Semicolon], click [Next]
    • Convert Wizard Step 3, Ignore all options, Click [Finish]
  • Numbers - Open with Numbers (MAC Only):
    • Right-click the .csv file and click [Open With...], choose [Numbers], done.
  • Sheets - Open with Google Sheets (Any Web Browser)
    • Open blank Google Sheets doc, on the [File] menu select [Import], select [Upload], Drag and Drop file or navigate to select the .csv file
    • Click Column A to highlight the column
    • Click [Data] on the Sheets main menu, click [Split text to column]
    • On the small [Separator:] popup box near the bottom of the screen, select [Semicolon]

What the "Type" codes mean...

The following code descriptions are for column B "TYPE" (file: WOWSL_Ship_Statistics_by_Type)

Type Description
1 Standard Battle (All games)
3 Standard Battle (Only Solo games)
4 Standard Battle (Only 2-Person Division Games)
5 Standard Battle (Only 3-Person Division Games)
2 AI Battle (All Games)
6 AI Battle (Only Solo Games)
7 AI Battle (Only 2-Person Division Games)
8 AI Battle (Only 3-Person Division Games)
9 Ranked Battle (All Games)
10 Ranked Battle (Only Solo Games)
11 Ranked Battle (Only 2-Person Division Games)
17 Arena Battle (All Games)
18 Arena Battle (Only Solo Games)
19 Arena Battle (Only 2-Person Division Games)