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General Ship Objectives

  • Destroyers: Use your stealth and speed to spot/detect enemy ships so your team can shoot them. Capture the bases to accumulate points and win the game.
  • Cruisers: Use your rapid firing and versatility to protect Destroyer and support Battleships. You are the best killer of enemy Destroyers.
  • Battleships: Use your devastating guns to prioritize killing Cruisers so that your Destroyers are safe to capture bases and your Cruisers are safe to kill enemy Destoyers.
  • Aircraft Carriers: Go fuck yourself. haha, just kidding.


  • Auto-aim is your friend: When you zoom in to view a "selected" target, you are automatically aiming at the waterline for that ship (most of the time, sometimes it is just all over the place). Typically you need to adjust forward for a shot (and slightly up if you are aiming for the deck/superstructure). Auto-aim is also helpful when you are shooting a "selected" target that you can't see (i.e. behind an island).
  • Target Lock is your friend: Don't fire at targets that are not "selected" as your aim and shell dispersion will be significantly worse.
  • Always zoom out after you fire: This allows you to see the broader map for threats and opportunities and readjusts the auto-aim.


  • Double Tap the firing trigger for full salvos: This fires a full salvo of all turrets and increases shell grouping (accuracy).
  • Single Tap the firing trigger for partial salvos: This is useful when you have more than one target to shoot at, or if you simply want to alternate reload times between multiple turrets, or if you want to distribute shells to different areas of the same target.
  • Hold the firing trigger: This fires each turret incrementally when shells are reloaded.

Shell Selection

  • Every ship is unique: The characteristics of ammo, velocity, angles, etc, and the target ship's characteristics of angle, armor, etc. make every interaction unique. Therefore, these are "general" guidelines and aren't hard rules for any situation.
  • HE (High Explosive): Generally will cause damage from any firing angle and can cause fires that continue to increment damage.
  • AP (Armor Piercing): Generally will cause a higher amount of damage, but only from certain firing angles where the shells can penetrate armor.
  • Destroyers: Generally use HE the majority of the time, but AP can ruin a Cruiser that gets close and broadside.
  • Light Cruisers: Generally do a lot of switching between both HE and AP, but with a focus on HE to hunt Destroyers.
  • Heavy Cruiser: Generally do a lot of switching between both HE and AP, but with a focus on AP to hunt Cruisers.
  • Battleships: Generally use AP the majority of the time. Large caliber AP shells penetrate most Cruiser and Battleship armor. Reload times are usually long, so switching to HE to fire on Destroyers may not be the best option. Some Battleships have very powerful HE and may deviate from the typical AP preference.

Gun Lock

  • Gun Lock Button: Gun turrets are always moving in the direction you are viewing, which means they may be in the wrong position when you need to fire. The Gun Lock feature allows you to view the direction you want your turrets to aim and locks your turrets to that position. Therefore, you can lock the gun position and then freely scan the map without your guns moving out of position. Note that you must re-click the Gun Lock before you can fire.

Controller Settings

  • Control Presets: Select an option that is best for you (i.e. Preset 3 works well for the Gun Lock feature).
  • Collision Prevention: Disable it, this feature will cause you grief.
  • Increased Hud Size: Enable it, this makes the minimap larger and you should be looking at it a lot.

Game Mode: Domination

  • Destroyers: You have to capture the bases.

Game Mode: Capture the Base

  • Destroyers: You have to seek and kill the enemy Destroyers.