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Map Name Map Size (km) Wargamming Wiki Page Wargamming "Map Tactics" Video
Land of Fire 48x48
North 48x48
Sea of Fortune 48x48 None
Sleeping Giant 48x48
Crash Zone 42x42 None
Estuary 42x42
Fault Line 42x42
Greece 42x42 None
Haven 42x42 None
Neighbours 42x42 None
Shards 42x42 None
Tears of the Desert 42x42 None
Trap 42x42 None
Two Brothers 42x42
New Dawn 36x36
Ring 36x36 None
Strait 36x36
Big Race 30x30
Islands 24x24
Map Size Tatical Map Scale by Square
48x48 48/10 = 4.8 km per square
42x42 42/10 = 4.2 km per square
36x36 36/10 = 3.6 km per square
30x30 30/10 = 3.0 km per square
24x24 24/10 = 2.4 km per square