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Nation Commander Ship Type Commander Base Triat Type He is...
(1) USA (0) General George Dewey Sixth Sense: Increase torpedo detectability range TechTree The Dewey
(1) USA (1) Destroyer William Halsey I Mean Harm: Increase destroyer's main gun AP shells damage TechTree The Halsey
(1) USA (1) Destroyer Arleigh Burke Sureshot: Increase shell grouping of destroyer's main guns TechTree The Burke
(1) USA (1) Destroyer Albert Gleaves From Afar: Increase the range of your torpedoes TechTree The Gleaves
(1) USA (1) Destroyer Autobot Bumblebee Overboost: Increased the duration of Engine Boost by up to 20% Special Event
(1) USA (1) Destroyer Vincent Mordoff Waste Not: Decrease reload time of destroyer's main guns Special Event
(1) USA (2) Cruiser Norman Scott Directed Impact: Increase shell grouping of cruiser's main guns TechTree The Scott
(1) USA (2) Cruiser Thomas Kinkaid Auditory Stimulus: Reduce sonar reload time TechTree The Kinkaid
(1) USA (2) Cruiser Azur Lane Baltimore Adaptive Tactics: Decrease rudder shift time Special Event
(1) USA (2) Cruiser Victor Einstein Whirlabout: Increase main battery traverse speed of your cruiser Special Event
(1) USA (2) Cruiser Shelly Beapley Refractory: Decrease the chance of your ship catching fire Special Event
(1) USA (3) Battleship William Sims Built to Last: Increase HP bonus per ship tier TechTree The Sims
(1) USA (3) Battleship Willis Lee Don't Let It Spill: Decrease Damage Control Party reload time, Decrease flooding duration TechTree The Lee
(1) USA (3) Battleship Autobot Optimus Prime Reconstructor: Decreases the Repair Party cooldown time by up to 6% Special Event
(1) USA (3) Battleship Justinian Lyons XIII Blind Rage: Increase your ship's damage with Catapult Fighter (6% max), Decrease the Fighter's duration Special Event
(1) USA (3) Battleship Kong Battle Axe: Increase the damage of your battleship's AA guns (0.6% per rank) Special Event
(1) USA (4) Carrier Ernest King I Come Prepard: Improve your ship's AA armament range TechTree
(2) Japan (0) General Togo Heihachiro Good Consumer: Decrease reload time of all consumables TechTree The Dewey
(2) Japan (1) Destroyer Takeo Kurita The Quickening: Decrease Engine Boost reload time TechTree The Burke
(2) Japan (1) Destroyer Raizo Tanak Hull Crusher: Increase torpedo damage TechTree The Gleaves
(2) Japan (1) Destroyer Abraham Hellsinger Increase the radius of your ship's smoke screen Special Event
(2) Japan (1) Destroyer Space Fishy Space Speed: Increase the speed of your torpedoes Special Event
(2) Japan (2) Cruiser Isoroku Yamamoto Right Through: Increase cruiser's AP shell penetration multiplier TechTree The Scott
(2) Japan (2) Cruiser Gunichi Mikawa Clandestine: Decrease detectability of cruisers TechTree The Kinkaid
(2) Japan (3) Battleship Takeo Takagi Phoenix: Increase total HP restore by Repair Party TechTree The Sims
(2) Japan (3) Battleship Nobutake Kondo Covert: Decrease detectability of battleships TechTree The Lee
(2) Japan (3) Battleship Arthas Roqthar the Cold Emperor's Wrath: Increase your battleship's overall damage (+5% max), Increase the chance for your HE shells to start fires while Repair party is active Special Event
(2) Japan (3) Battleship Azur Lane Fusou Cover Fire: Increase chance of a fire being cause by the battleship's HE shells Special Event
(2) Japan (3) Battleship Godzilla Horrifying Gaze: Decrease Spotter reload time (–0.25% per rank) and increase its duration Special Event
(2) Japan (4) Carrier Tamon Yamaguchi Typhoon: Increase your ship's AA armament damage TechTree
(3) UK (0) General John Jellicoe Overtime: Increase Repair Party duration TechTree The Dewey
(3) UK (1) Destroyer Philip Vian Casual Avoidance: Increase incoming fire dispersion TechTree The Burke
(3) UK (1) Destroyer Reginald Tyrwhitt True Grit: Decrease torpedo launchers reload time, Decrease steering gear impairment chance TechTree The Gleaves
(3) UK (2) Cruiser Bruce Fraser Make Haste: Increase movement speed TechTree The Scott
(3) UK (2) Cruiser William Tennant Core Values: Decrease incoming damage to your citadel TechTree The Kinkaid
(3) UK (2) Cruiser Azur Lane Belfast Out Of Nowhere: Decrease ship's detectability after firing main guns from a smoke screen Special Event
(3) UK (3) Battleship Andrew Cunningham Concentrated Devastation: Increase shell grouping of battleship's main guns TechTree The Sims
(3) UK (3) Battleship Chareles Madden Aim n' Fire: Increase main battery traverse speed, Decrease main battery reload time TechTree The Lee
(3) UK (3) Battleship Azur Lane Hood Torpedo Charmer: Decrease torpedo damage to your ship Special Event
(3) UK (3) Battleship Azur Lane Nelson Like a Rock: Decrease incoming damage to your battleship Special Event
(3) UK (3) Battleship Decepticon Megatron Cyber Lens: Increases your battleship's main gun firing range by up to 6% Special Event
(3) UK (3) Battleship Azur Lane Queen Elizabeth Queen's Orders: Decrease reload time of battleships main guns, Increase Battleship's main gun AP shells damage, Increase shell grouping of battleships main guns Special Event
(4) Germany (0) General Reinhard Scheer Fire Alarm: Decrease Damage Control Party reload time, Decrease risk of catching fire TechTree The Dewey
(4) Germany (1) Destroyer Erich Bey Shifty: Decrease detectability of destroyers TechTree The Halsey
(4) Germany (1) Destroyer Maximilian von Spee Misty Morning: Decrease Smoke Generator reload time TechTree The Gleaves
(4) Germany (1) Destroyer Blue Furiora Rindin' on the wind: Increase maximum destroyer speed Special Event
(4) Germany (2) Cruiser Karl von Muller Hearty: Increase maximum speed of your cruiser TechTree The Sims
(4) Germany (2) Cruiser Gunther Lutjens Gimlet: Increase cruiser's main gun AP shells damage TechTree The Kinkaid
(4) Germany (2) Cruiser Admiral Hipper Firewall: Decrease burning damage to your ship Special Event
(4) Germany (2) Cruiser Admiral Graf Spee Pocket Battleship: Increase amount of HP recovered Special Event
(4) Germany (3) Battleship Franz von Hipper Elbowroom: Increase range of secondary guns TechTree The Sims
(4) Germany (3) Battleship Otto Ciliax Auger: Increase AP shell damage of your battleship TechTree The Lee
(4) Germany (3) Battleship Scharnhorst Sniper: Decrease dispersion of main battery Special Event
(4) Germany (3) Battleship Henry Hide Auditory Stimulus: Reduce sonar reload time Special Event
(4) Germany (3) Battleship John Pickup I See Everything: Decrease Spotter's reload time Special Event
(5) France (0) General Louis du Fournet Incendiary: Increase cruiser's, destroyer's, battleship's main gun HE shells damage TechTree The Dewey
(5) France (1) Destroyer Louis Violette I Disappear: Decrease destroyer's detectability time after firing main guns TechTree The Burke
(5) France (1) Destroyer Philippe Auboyneau Powder Keg: Increase destroyer's main gun HE shells damage TechTree The Gleaves
(5) France (2) Cruiser Andre Lemonnier Window of Opportunity: Decrease cruiser's detectability time after firing main gunser TechTree The Scott
(5) France (2) Cruiser Andre Roux Grenadier: Increase cruiser's main gun HE shells damage TechTree The Kinkaid
(5) France (3) Battleship Robert Jaujard Borer: Increase battleship's AP shells penetration multiplier TechTree The Sims
(5) France (3) Battleship Emile Guepratte Expeditious: Increase maximum battleship speed TechTree The Lee
(5) France (3) Battleship Azur Lane Dunkerque Floodgate: Decrease flooding damage to your ship Special Event Azure Lane 2019
(6) USSR (0) General Nikolay von Essen Nooks and Crannies: Increase minimal ricochet angle of your ship's shells TechTree The Dewey
(6) USSR (1) Destroyer Vladimir Trubetskoy The Battle Rages On: Decrease incoming damage to your destroyer TechTree The Halsey
(6) USSR (1) Destroyer Anton Gurin Stabber: Increase destroyer's AP shells penetration multiplier TechTree The Burke
(6) USSR (1) Destroyer Rumble Robotic Breadth: Increase your destroyer's main gun range by up to 6%. Special Event Transformer 2020
(6) USSR (1) Destroyer Sergio Splendento Firm Hand: Increase traverse speed of destroyer's guns Special Event Halloween 2020
(6) USSR (2) Cruiser Nikolay Kuzenetsov Follow the Sun: Increase range of cruiser's main guns TechTree The Scott
(6) USSR (2) Cruiser Stepan Makarov Nights Shorter Than Days: Increase Damage Control Party duration TechTree The Kinkaid
(6) USSR (3) Battleship Lev Galler Flaming Arrow: Increase battleship's main gun HE shells damage TechTree The Sims
(6) USSR (3) Battleship Mikhail Kerdrov Vicious Circle: Increase traverse speed of battleship's guns TechTree The Lee
(7) Poland (1) Destroyer Jerzy Swirski Hide n' Seek: Decrease sea detectability range TechTree The Halsey
(7) Italy (0) General Inigo Campioli Spartan: Decrease damage to your ship TechTree The Dewey
(7) Italy (2) Cruiser Luigi Sansonetti Aegis: Decrease incoming damage for cruisers TechTree The Scott
(7) Italy (2) Cruiser Francesco Mimbelli Time to Make a Move: Decrease reload time of the cruiser's main guns TechTree The Kinkaid
(7) Italy (3) Battleship Paolo di Revel Time is of the essence: Decrease reload time of battleship's main guns TechTree The Lee