Dashboards are...

Feedback loops! Dashboards are so basic and fundamental to measuring success, providing feedback and course correcting effort that is not aligning to objectives. Yet, dashboards are rare or under utilized in many IT organizations. Strange! We recommend a very strategic, funded and empowered team for building IT Delivery dashboards.

So what exactly is a dashboard? This is subjective and certainly will be defined differently based on your company and culture. However, for the DevOps discussion, we can describe some general assumptions. First, our definition of a "dashboard" is not a screen in each of the 30 vendor tools used in your IT organization. Dashboards are an aggregation of data for specific audiences and uses; it is the Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solution specifically for IT Delivery workflow and systems status.

Secondly, in our DevOps world, dashboards are also not manual reports pasted to a PowerPoint presentation. Dashboards are web based solutions visible to everybody, they have real-time or near real-time data, and they provide the functionality to click high-level data points and dill-down into finer grain levels of the supporting data. In general there are three types of dashboards:

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Operational Dashboards
  • Analytical Dashboards

Dashboards with Highcharts

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